Lanyard: Easy, universal NFT allowlists
Zora Engineering
August 17th, 2022

Allowlists are a great way to bootstrap a new web3 community, which is why so many NFT projects use them. But they can be tricky to create and use.

So we (Context and Zora) created Lanyard, a free, open source tool to quickly and easily generate a gas-efficient NFT project allowlist.

Lanyard is 3 things:

  1. A Merkle root generator: just paste the addresses you want to allow, and we generate and return your root instantly
  2. A step-by-step guide on how to properly implement the Merkle root in your project – with free support via Discord if you need it
  3. A mechanism to ensure your allowlist works across web3

What do we mean by “works across web3?”

Well, Lanyard securely stores your allowlist, Merkle root, and proofs so that your community can mint your project from their preferred interface – your website,, and any other platform that integrates Lanyard. As more and more mints happen on platforms like, it’s important that creators’ allowlists are part of the horizontal web3 stack and not siloed to a specific project page implementation.

Click here to use Lanyard and here to follow us on Twitter.

p.s. – if you are a platform building NFT creator tools and want to ensure that your creators’ allowlists work across web3, you can connect to Lanyard via our API.

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